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Ethicoin (ticker symbol ETHIC) is a utility token built on the BNB Chain (formerly known as the Binance Smart Chain). It functions as a medium of exchange and a store of value, allowing users to purchase various products and services. Aligned with Ethicoin's mission of promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the investment community, the token represents a commitment to these values. To further enhance its value, tokens will be periodically and manually burned, contributing to scarcity and maintaining stability. Additionally, all transactions are transparently recorded on the public BNB Chain blockchain.

The Design

The BEP-20 token Ethicoin is purposefully designed on the BNB Chain blockchain, following the BEP-20 standard. This standard enables seamless compatibility and interchangeability with other BEP-20 tokens within the BEP-20 network, facilitating the development and utilization of decentralized applications. Ethicoin's design incorporates essential features that enhance its functionality and usability, including:

Ethicoin - Revolutionizing Ethics in Crypto


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